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What We Offer

At Print Storm, we offer high quality, fast turnaround printing of a whole range of products including Business Cards, Flyers, Books, Calendars, Posters, Greeting Cards, Notepads, Sell Sheets, Labels, Stickers, Banners, Tax Invoice Books, Receipt Books and much, much more. If it’s not listed on our web site it’s likely we still do it, just contact us and ask.

Our Printers

We are of the opinion that to produce a quality product, you must use quality tools. In the digital World Xerox has no equal, and we’ve invested heavily in their range to best serve our clients. For our larger runs and offset work we use german brand Heidelberg, who are leagues ahead of the competition in the offset space – especially for invoice/docket books.

Fuji Xerox 1000 Colour PressXerox Color Press 1000

Print Storm installed the Xerox Digital Press 1000 in February 2012, the largest Digital Press in regional New South Wales. The Color 1000 delivers sharp and rich image quality for our clients, never seen on any other digital press.  The most important part of this brilliant machine is the dry ink station that allows us to apply spot or flood creative effects that bring your prints to life. Speak to one of our team members today for more information!

Heidelberg Speedmaster SM52Heidelberg Speedmaster

It doesn’t get better than a Heidelberg speedmaster, it’s a veritable workhorse smashing out our biggers runs and numbered invoice/docket books. Our offset operators have over 20 years experience in working with Heidelberg machines ensuring quality isn’t compromised and that the work is churned out quickly. Mixing the offset in with our digital workflow has made Print Storm one of the most dynamic printing companies around able to produce all types of printing work inhouse and not outsource like our competitors.

Fuji Xerox 4127 B&WXerox Digital Press 4127 x2

As our only B&W Digital Presses, the two Xerox 4127 machines allows us to produce innovative, more complex, diverse and professional jobs quickly, flexibly and in higher volumes. These presses play a vital role in the production of black & white documents, booklets, magazines and leaflets. Sometimes we run them over night to deliver in urgent circumstances.

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